Sommes-nous totalement maîtres de nos décisions ?

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An effortless article, actually I don't have much time to do something better.
The following video shows a conference by the behavioral economist Dan Ariely, after he wrote a book called Predictably Irrational. His very clever demonstration explains how we are unconsciously influenced in the decisions we make in our everyday life.
The whole video is in unsubtitled English, that is why I wrote this short introduction in English too (which means "to frustrate non English-speaking people even more").

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That's the same things as for the speed dating actually : somebody pretty or just normal looks prettier next to an ugly person.
Yes, that was very interesting, and I'm glad because I understood. Youhou!! <br /> I just want to say a few things about the illusion with the yellow/brown square: I loved this passage because that's something we use a lot when we draw. And a lot of other illusions too. For example, something clear looks dark if you put it on something clearer. A warm color looks cold if you put it next to a warmer color. The same green can become yellow next to a purple stain, and more blue if it is near to an orange stain.<br /> That's all about simultaneous constrast, complementary colors etc...<br /> That's why my teacher use tu say two funny and very true sentences:<br /> 1) Colors don't exist: il all depends of the environment<br /> 2) We artists are liars<br /> <br /> I hope my english isn't too bad and ridiculous ^^
I first thought it was a one man show -_-<br /> Anyway, it's really interesting, thanks !